Git is awesome

After developing on Drop Dots for almost over 3 years and finally picking up git a year ago I need to say how happy I am I did this.

Once you get into it it is plain awesome. Last year when I tried the first time to bring Drop Dots over to Libgdx from AndEngine I also tried out git for the first time.

People told me about it but me as a single developer never thought about might profiting from it and I was wrong. Continue reading Git is awesome

Drop Dots Version 3.3 Beta standings

After working through the code for few weeks on the Libgdx Branch I think it is time for a small update. I removed all AndEngine parts from the Code and added the new Libraries, fixed some graphic-issues and rewrote almost the whole game logic to match the games new structure. So here is a small update on what is going on right now behind the curtains. Continue reading Drop Dots Version 3.3 Beta standings