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Drop Dots Update Version 2.1.2 Release Notes

This Update provides several fixes for known issues with Drop Dots. On the one hand I refactored and altered code so that it will be easier for me in the future to fix bugs and implement features. Furthermore I intergrated the app-wide Exception-Tracking-Tool from Google Analytics which hopefully will be reporting any errors and problems user encounter so I get better understanding of what is going on on the userside. Also I integrated now a feature which reports user timings like request times to the servers and which hopefully will lead to better performance in the future

The UI got a small polish so it should now look more nice and clean and with less flaws in specific conditions.

My planing for future updates is a little bit thin. I am planing on doing other things for a while and only updates which fix problems will be released in the near future. Other projects are on my mind and I don’t know how much time will be left for Drop Dots.

Have a good Day!

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