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Drop Dots Version 3.3 Beta standings

After working through the code for few weeks on the Libgdx Branch I think it is time for a small update. I removed all AndEngine parts from the Code and added the new Libraries, fixed some graphic-issues and rewrote almost the whole game logic to match the games new structure. So here is a small update on what is going on right now behind the curtains.

Different graphics Qualities

Crashlytics Asset Errors showcasing problems with texture size
Crashlytics Asset Errors showcasing problems with texture size

As I saw in the Crashlytics Report Screen there are a few Issues with the allocation of Textures on some devices. For future safety I will integrate some High- and Medium-Texturepacks hopefully fixing some issues and improving overall speed of the app. It will feature crisp graphics up to Full-HD displays.

Desktop Functionality

Small Gameplay Video

After testing on my Nexus 5 only I finally got a chance to run and test my code on the PC. The cell always connected to a power source isn’t the best for the battery. On the other hand the debug-progress is much faster now. Not the whole application can be debuged that way but atleast the Libgdx part and that is the most important for the next upcoming update. For now it is running smooth both on Desktop as on the Phone each with constant 60FPS.


Probably I won’t be able to push this update within the next month. There are a lot of open ends still to fix and many integration issues. But maybe I am finished far earlier.
Well we will see what happens.

Best wishes, m0keu

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