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Multiplayer almost finished and updates about the Facebook Integration


The Multiplayer for Drop Dots is almost finished. Mostly the UI is the last part that’s needs to be done. The app still spits out some errors but those will be probably resolved pretty soon. Only the Single Player Modes are needing some refinement then. I will make this app for the time being all portrait mode and later only on larger screens there will be an option to play the app in landscape mode. This is due to the fact that currently the forced rotation switch between Normal-Mode and Endless-Mode is pretty annoying and hard to deal with even for me as a developer.

Facebook Integration was removed several updates ago, because the Integration felt pretty hacky and caused a lot of headache. Now I am considering to bring it back as soon as the Version 3 of Drop Dots runs smoothly on all devices. Earlier almost no one used it because it provided almost no value to the experience and I hope my new idea will provide that value needed so user will adopt the intergration.

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