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A new App Logo

Hello comrades!

I am here to announce the new App Icon for Drop Dots. In my current move to give Drop Dots a more consistent design and feel I am also introducing a more flat UI.

The old App Icon didn’t represent the new design language anymore and so I fired up GIMP and tried to keep as many aspects of the old logo as possible while also make it consistent with the rest of the app.

New Drop Dots App Icon
Drop Dots’ new app logo

Drumroll please! Here it is:The old iconic 4 circles in 4 different shades just in a far more simplistic and flat design.

There will be a far more extensive post in the next days about the whole redesign and its ideas. Stay tuned!


Cheers, m0keu

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Le m0keu

Developer of Drop Dots, an Android App available on Google Play!