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The road to version 3

Just a small update. I am currently not that productive as I planed. I just finished updating many of the older assets and creating assets for xxhdpi devices which makes a huge difference on newer devices like the nexus 5. Its a huge difference, I promise. Up next is the main menu. If this is finished i will go straight to the single-player modes and upgrade it to the newer engine which hopefully boosts the framerates a little or atleast many things easier on my side. If this is all done, theoretically I will be able to the update into the wild.

On a other note. With release of version 3 i will raise the minimum Android Version Requirement to Version 11. There are several reasons behind it but the biggest issue is the fragmentation. First I want to build everything new, test it in the wild and then consider facing fragmentation. With this decision I am loosing for now 20% of the market but better this way than releasing a buggy experience.

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