Git is awesome

After developing on Drop Dots for almost over 3 years and finally picking up git a year ago I need to say how happy I am I did this.

Once you get into it it is plain awesome. Last year when I tried the first time to bring Drop Dots over to Libgdx from AndEngine I also tried out git for the first time.

People told me about it but me as a single developer never thought about might profiting from it and I was wrong. Continue reading Git is awesome

Drop Dots Version 3.3 Beta standings

After working through the code for few weeks on the Libgdx Branch I think it is time for a small update. I removed all AndEngine parts from the Code and added the new Libraries, fixed some graphic-issues and rewrote almost the whole game logic to match the games new structure. So here is a small update on what is going on right now behind the curtains. Continue reading Drop Dots Version 3.3 Beta standings

A new App Logo

Hello comrades!

I am here to announce the new App Icon for Drop Dots. In my current move to give Drop Dots a more consistent design and feel I am also introducing a more flat UI.

The old App Icon didn’t represent the new design language anymore and so I fired up GIMP and tried to keep as many aspects of the old logo as possible while also make it consistent with the rest of the app. Continue reading A new App Logo

Multiplayer almost finished and updates about the Facebook Integration


The Multiplayer for Drop Dots is almost finished. Mostly the UI is the last part that’s needs to be done. The app still spits out some errors but those will be probably resolved pretty soon. Only the Single Player Modes are needing some refinement then. I will make this app for the time being all portrait mode and later only on larger screens there will be an option to play the app in landscape mode. This is due to the fact that currently the forced rotation switch between Normal-Mode and Endless-Mode is pretty annoying and hard to deal with even for me as a developer. Continue reading Multiplayer almost finished and updates about the Facebook Integration

The road to version 3

Just a small update. I am currently not that productive as I planed. I just finished updating many of the older assets and creating assets for xxhdpi devices which makes a huge difference on newer devices like the nexus 5. Its a huge difference, I promise. Up next is the main menu. If this is finished i will go straight to the single-player modes and upgrade it to the newer engine which hopefully boosts the framerates a little or atleast many things easier on my side. If this is all done, theoretically I will be able to the update into the wild. Continue reading The road to version 3

Ein Update zum Stand der Nation


Ich war diesem Blog etwas fern für einige Zeit und wollte endlich ihn einmal wieder auferleben lassen.

Zu erst wollte ich einen kleinen Rückblick darüber geben, was sich in den letzten Monaten alles getan hat. Ich habe nach fast einem Jahr Pause ein etwas größeres Update herausgebracht, was vermutlich erstmal vorerst das Facebook SDK entfernt hat und auf jedenfall das Scoreloop SDK. Continue reading Ein Update zum Stand der Nation

Drop Dots Update Version 2.1.2 Release Notes

This Update provides several fixes for known issues with Drop Dots. On the one hand I refactored and altered code so that it will be easier for me in the future to fix bugs and implement features. Furthermore I intergrated the app-wide Exception-Tracking-Tool from Google Analytics which hopefully will be reporting any errors and problems user encounter so I get better understanding of what is going on on the userside. Also I integrated now a feature which reports user timings like request times to the servers and which hopefully will lead to better performance in the future Continue reading Drop Dots Update Version 2.1.2 Release Notes

Drop Dots (aka Le Dots) Update Version 2.1.1 Release Notes

Diese Version bringt nicht alzu viel neues. Ich hab lediglich kleine Änderungen gemacht, wie zum Beispiel die Behandlung von Fehlern und Events etwas optimiert und etwas Geschwindigkeit rausgekitzelt. Auch sind noch einige andere Kleinigkeiten verändert worden, die aber weniger nennenswert sind. Hauptsächlich diente dieses Update nur dafür, dass neue Analytics SDK von Google zu testen. Continue reading Drop Dots (aka Le Dots) Update Version 2.1.1 Release Notes

Drop Dots (aka Le Dots) Update Version 2.1.0 Release Notes

Endlich mal wieder ein etwas größeres Update, dass mal wieder ein Feature enthält und nicht nur Bugfixes und für den User unerhebliche Verbesserungen. Ich hab in dieser Version Scoreloop integriert. Der ursprüngliche Plan war wieder OpenFeint, jetzt Gree zu nutzen,  jedoch fand ich das SDK jetzt weniger ansprechend und auch die Rechte gefielen mir nicht jetzt. Ich hab also Scoreloop ausprobiert und war ziemlich glücklich über die Handhabung. Continue reading Drop Dots (aka Le Dots) Update Version 2.1.0 Release Notes